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Caravan Down Procedure As a list

Palamino RV – 353 QXS

Daniel de Vries 0403 489 479

Carina de Vries 0438 997 523


We are sure you will have a great trip, feel free to reach out with any questions, we are here to help you have a great holiday.


Pull Down Procedure (reverse this procedure to erect caravan)

Remove all items

Remove door and restore on ceiling space

Air beds, release valves

Remove each of the 2 ends and 1 side canopy poles, put under the beds

Flatten sink (rotate towards floor)

Remove the press studs on the extension side of the caravan, leaving canvas on the outside Push in side of caravan (release the clip inside, like a gate clip)

Standing outside Lock the side of the caravan in using the 2 clips, by putting your hand inside, and then the red clip on the outside should also be secured.

Check to see if anything will obtrude before next stages of pushing in beds and lowering roof

Time to get ready to push in beds……

Make sure that the canvas that goes under each bed on the outside of the van Velcro is removed firstly and that the canvas is folded over onto the beds

Lift each bed enough that the 2 poles release and fall to the ground, or come out, maintain weight off beds from dropping (very important) and carefully slide into the caravan, if not going in easily do not force, check to make sure that canvas is not holding back or obstruction in the caravan.

Put the small door on and using the spring clip, lock in position

*** VERY IMPORTANT FOR SAFETY -Time to remove the 2 brace bars that should be positioned on diagonally opposite corners of the van.

Put in the winding handle near the from draw bar and rotate in an anti clockwise direction to lower, go half way down and check to make sure canvas is going in neatly in spaces where it won’t get too swashed or prevent the top going down all the way.

Put down nearly all the way now and check to make sure all canvas is in and then continue until fully down.

Using 4 lock clips, secure the top of the van.

Using 2 people tuck away canvas ends and Zip up.

Turn of gas tap

Put away water hose and Power lead

Always check around the caravan to ensure everything is secured.

Remove wheel brace if in use.


*** VERY IMPORTANT Stability legs must be fully retracted before moving

Use the drill and hand wind provided to retract the feet.


Safety first

Dial 000 in an emergency

Fire extinguisher onboard

Smoke alarms fitted

First Aid Kit onboard

Gas off before moving vehicle

Exit hatch marked in caravan

Please leave child covers on power points unless in use

**make sure all poles holding up beds and for side expandable section are in correctly positioned, rollers for side expandable should be under the roller, end beds should be in the clips provided.



Towing Procedure

Mechanical brakes are fitted in this vehicle, stopping in your car slowly is the recommended procedure when towing.

***Make sure that you release the caravan brake before towing and apply when stationary

To RELEASE BRAKE push button and push down, ** only do this when connected to car

To APPLY BRAKE push button and pull up **only do this when connected to car

Connect chain to vehicle, connect emergency brake to vehicle

Ensure that tow ball is correctly clipped in

Connect and check lights

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